The Creed

With apologies to the council at Nicea, may I suggest a political creed:

We believe in limited government, with power from the people, not over the people.  Those powers being few, limited, and specifically defined, the essential function of government is to defend the people from dangers without and within; emphasizing strong national defense, protection of the borders, and preservation of our language and culture; one that rests solely upon the rule of law.

We believe in fiscal and personal responsibility, which follows from limited government; eternally begotten of the principle that the people’s money belongs to them—kept, not taxed, consubstantial with limited government; through private endeavors all social goods shall be achieved.  For us citizens and our benefit, private industry and free enterprise shall be encouraged, that people may succeed in the open market based on their own merit and effort.

We believe in humans and the home, from which limited government proceeds, and without which limited government cannot function.  That belief embraces the time-honored concept of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and seeks to defend the sanctity and dignity of human life in all its forms and at all its stages.

We believe in the rights of States as parallel sovereigns, in traditional notions of decorum and civility as limiting public expression and discourse, and in freedom of religion, not from it.


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