Greatest Hits

Here are what we consider are some of the best of Chasing Jefferson:

Keep Talking, Joe     8/25/11  Vice President Joe Biden talks about China’s social security system and its burden on children.

Ruling Striking Texas’ Informed Consent Law No Victory For Women    9/9/11   Federal judge in Austin strikes Texas’ statute requiring sonograms be made available to women prior to having an abortion.

A Little Question For The Occupying Forces      10/10/11   Just what is it the “occupy” people want, and who do they think is going to pay for it?

Something’s Shameful, Professor     11/15/11     “Social Justice” professor lambasts university for sponsoring the collection of CARE packages for troops in Afghanistan.

Justice Denied     12/9/11   Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal has his death sentence vacated.

Geeks Out Of Their Depth     1/18/12   Obama and his cast of eggheads don’t know what they’re doing.

Reflecting On Roe v. Wade     1/24/12  Thoughts on the 39th anniversary of Roe.

The Boundless Commerce Clause     3/12/12   The expansion of government after Wickard v. Fillburn.

You Spent What?     5/18/12    You wouldn’t believe some of what the government spends your money on.

Who Are You?     7/31/12    Who among us is qualified to make decisions whether someone else’s life is worth living?

Of Moochers And Looters     11/13/12    Pointing out the fundamental moral defect in the justification for the welfare state.

Soft Slavery      12/7/12     Restrictions on natural gas exports and the basic morality behind private property rights.

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