Chasing Jefferson was launched July 31, 2011, at the insistence of my wife, who needed me to find another outlet for venting my frustration at out of control Big Government.  Here we discuss current events, history, religion and social issues, and other topics.  Because of my background as a lawyer with nearly 20 years in private commercial litigation practice, this space tends to lean heavy on discussion of law, especially the Constitution, but I try to make it as accessible to lay people as I can.  Sometimes the discussion is light and fun.  Other times it is deep and heavy.  What I try to do is raise awareness, teach where I can, and hopefully drive some conversation.  With any luck, I will maybe get to one or two people with something they did not know or had not considered, or provide one or two people with an arrow or two for their quiver in discussions/debates with others.

A commenter once accused me of having a bias.  I’m glad he noticed.  Make no mistake:  this site is overtly and unapologetically biased.  If you’re looking for neutral news reporting, you’re in the wrong place.  I am not, and do not purport to be, a journalist in any sense.  I am an opinion writer, and I am very up front about the fact that I absolutely have an agenda and I am trying to influence my readers.

That said, I do not identify myself as a Republican.  I am not a member of the Republican Party, and I have not donated money to the RNC in years.  This is not a Republican Party surrogate mouthpiece, and I don’t even see, much less repeat, RNC talking points.  You will find here that I consider the GOP to be a large part of the problem in the District, and I am often as critical of them as I am of the Democrats.

Finally, this is a privately run site that I put together in my spare time.  I have no advertising and no sponsors; I do not make a dime off of this space.  I operate this site solely as a means of expressing my opinion on issues and trying to reach others.


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