Religion of Intolerance III

“He reminds me a lot of Donna Reed, especially around the eyes.”

          —Robin Williams as Airman Adrian Cronauer in Good Morning Vietnam


The so-called Religion of Peace has struck again.

Three masked gunmen carrying AK-47s shot up the Paris offices of the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, killing at least twelve.  For good measure, as they made their escape they took time to get out of the getaway car and shoot dead an unarmed policeman who was on his knees begging for his life.  Lest there be any doubt about the identity and motivation of the killers, let’s note that they punctuated their rampage with shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is great,” not only a staple chant of Muslim prayer, but also a common cry after victory in battle for Islamist fighters).  That was never good enough for the Obama administration to recognize the Fort Hood shooting as an act of Islamist terrorism (or an act of war), but I am willing to take them at their word when they—according to one witness—claimed to be al-Qaeda.

Why Charlie Hebdo?  It seems the magazine had a penchant for publishing material, in particular cartoons, satirically critical of Islam, including a recent tweet of a cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  And it is no doubt instructive that the killers did not appear to act at random, but asked for names and sought out specific people to murder.  Among the dead are four satirical cartoonists, including Stephane Charbonnier, who had a fatwa on his head over a 2011 cover caricature of Muhammed.   And one of the killers proclaimed, “We have avenged the honor of the prophet!”  So what we have appears to be some Islamists going on a murderous tirade because of a perceived insult based on a cartoon.

A cartoon.

I repeat: a cartoon.

Nobody else on the planet behaves like this.  No one.  The Islamists routinely proclaim their free speech right to gather in public and scream over bullhorns about death to Western society, death to those who “insult” the Prophet, and warning that 9/11 or 7/7 is coming again (run a YouTube search).  But anyone remotely critical of Islam is immediately branded a racist and accused of criminal hate speech.  Worse, every slight, however minor or innocent, is cause for worldwide protests, destructive and violent rioting, and murder.

Consider a few examples from just the last ten years:

November 2004: Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh is shot to death in streets of Amsterdam after releasing Submission, a film critical of the treatment of women under Sharia.

September 2005:  Burger King stops selling ice cream cones in Britain after a Muslim offended by the swirly lid design he said resembled the Arabic script for “Allah” threatened jihad.

February 2006:  Rioters kill at least five in protests over Danish cartoons mocking Muhammed.

August 2007:  Muslims take to the streets to protest the U.S. military giving soccer balls to Afghan children because among the number of countries whose flag was depicted on the ball was Saudi Arabia’s, which happens to bear the name of Allah (in a side note, Pentagon falls all over itself to apologize).

November 2007:  British school teacher in Sudan arrested and faced 40 lashes for allowing her class to name a classroom teddy bear “Muhammed.”

June 2008:  Suicide bomber kills at least six at Danish embassy in Islamabad in yet another attack in protest of the Danish cartoons.

July 2010:  Outraged Muslims riot in Kashmir over street vendors selling underwear with what rioters took to be a depiction of a mosque.

December 2010:  Bombers kill one and injure 2 in Stockholm in attacks still complaining about the Danish cartoons from four years earlier.

June 2011:  Thousands take to the Internet to condemn a Christian Egyptian businessman’s re-posting of long-existing images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in traditional Muslim attire.

February 2012:  Thousands riot, killing at least 5, after U.S. forces in Afghanistan mistakenly burn a number of Qu’rans.

September 2012: Thousands riot across the Middle East over an internet video so imbecilic that no sane person would give it the dignity of considering it an insult.

Really?  You’re going to have thousands of people take to the streets to burn cars and bash in storefronts because someone is selling what looks like the outline of a mosque on some tighty-whiteys?  Movies, cartoons, ice cream, and soccer balls.  Oh, yeah, and teddy bears.  These are excuses for endless episodes of mayhem, destruction, and outright murder?

No, really, they’re charming people once you get to know them . . . and if you can get past their fetish for beheading people they don’t like.

As I said, no one else in the world acts like this, and they are doing it on almost every continent on Earth.  Even the North Koreans confine themselves to surgical cyber-attacks, and only when someone releases a movie about a plot to assassinate their sitting head of state (can you imagine what would happen if Americans burned down a mosque every time a U.S. President (or flag) was burned in effigy?).  But for the Islamists it’s simply a way of life:  Don’t like something?  Burn a car, throw some molotov cocktails at cops, or kill someone.

Then there’s the outright terrorism:

December 2014:  ISIS executes 150 women for refusing arranged marriages—read: refusing to become sex slaves—to ISIS soldiers.

December 2014:  Gunman sporting the black flag of jihad takes hostages at a Sydney café, ultimately killing two before being shot by police.

October 2014:  Jihadist attacks four NYPD officers with a hatchet.

October 2014:  Jihadist shoots up a monument and Parliament building in Ottawa, killing one.

July 2014:  Thousands of Jews flee Paris as Muslims engage in weeks of violent riots in support of Palestine.

September 2013:  Islamist militants storm a shopping mall in Kenya, killing 22.

May 2013:  Radicalized Islamists hack British soldier to death with meat cleavers in broad daylight outside Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich.

April 2013:  Radicalized Islamists (allegedly) detonate homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three (including an 8-year old), and injuring dozens.  They later (allegedly) murder a police officer during their escape.

These are just selected examples from the last couple of years, and bear in mind that even if you give the benefit of the doubt (and that doubt grows with each passing incident) to those who naively claim that it’s only a relatively small minority of Muslims who support this stuff, as I covered a while back you’re still talking about a population of maybe 160 million or more.

And it’s not just rioting and terrorism. There’s also outright war. As we discussed a couple of months ago, although Muslims make up less than 25% of the world’s population, 67% of all the war on the planet today involves Muslims, and almost all of that is some form of Muslims trying to impose their version of Islam on other people by force.

And they’ve been doing it—continuously—for 1,400 years.

Let’s understand something,and make no mistake: it may take two to have a fight, but even if only one of you thinks it’s a fight, it’s a fight.  And if you can’t get your mind around that, you lose, brother.

We in the civilized world have to stop with the politically-correct multiculturalist “tolerance” crap and not only call these people out for the violent, cold-blooded savages that they are, but we then have to treat them accordingly.  You cannot appease them, you cannot apologize to them, and you cannot negotiate with them.  You have nothing they want except for you to bow to Mecca, cover your women, and say and do absolutely nothing that the most zealous among them might twist into the slightest insult against Allah, Islam, or Muhammed.  And they’ll kill you if you don’t.

Peace, my ass.

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