DNC Convention Observations

It’s the same old, same old situation

It’s the same old, same old ball and chain.

            —Mötley Crüe, Same Old Situation


I have to confess up front I couldn’t bring myself to watch the DNC convention last week.  So no, I didn’t see the Great Orator-Uniter-In-Chief accept the nomination.  Nor did I listen to speaker after speaker drone on and on about how brilliant the last four years have been, and how much worse off we would have been coming out of the debacle inherited from Bush 43 had we not had such a shining example of leadership.  From what I read it was all very predictable, and exactly the same crap we’ve heard dating back to late 2007.

That said, I would offer a couple of thoughts on what I did see.

1.         THIS is who they spotlight in the year of defending against the “war on women”?

I don’t think anyone could possibly count the number of times the phrase “war on women” was used from the DNC pulpit.  It’s a central theme of their campaign, even if they can’t articulate what, exactly, it means beyond those of us on the Right having the audacity to (a) give women credit for thinking beyond the elimination of their reproductive systems’ core function, and/or (b) think that the fundamental right to life should trump selfish lack of personal responsibility and self-control.  But what struck me was what should have been the deafening disconnect between the DNC’s focus on women and women’s issues, and their selection of William Jefferson Clinton as their keynote speaker.


To review some history, let’s start with what is objectively and undeniably a fact about Bill Clinton.  While he held the most powerful office in the mortal universe, he used his personal charisma and the gravity of his position to lure an impressionable young female subordinate (Monica Lewinsky) into performing acts for his physical gratification.  He can argue all he wants about what “is” means, and he can parse around ‘till Gabriel blows his horn about whether what went on constituted “sexual relations.”  The DNA on the dress doesn’t lie, and whatever you want to call it, there’s no getting around the fact that he did what he did with her.

And then when it began to hurt him politically, he threw her under the bus.  He denied it and called her a liar on national television (and under oath, and that perjury is what got him impeached and disbarred, not the fact that he got a hummer in the oval office).  He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) even recall Ms. Lewinsky’s name, referring to her as “that woman.”  He made her a global laughing stock.  In other words, he used her like a plaything, then discarded her like yesterday’s trash.

I wonder what Sandra Fluke has to say about that.

All the while, Clinton not only broke his promises to his wife (who, by all accounts, is also a woman), but because he was so in the public eye, his dalliance humiliated her in front of the whole world.  And it wasn’t the first time he had done that.  Recall that Clinton himself has acknowledged that he had a previous affair with Gennifer Flowers (an affair he originally publicly denied, thus calling her a liar on national television, just as he originally did with Ms. Lewinsky).  That makes him a repeat offender; a serial abuser of his relationships with women.

But there’s more.

Elizabeth Ward Gracen has alleged that Clinton had an affair with her.  Juanita Broaddick has alleged he raped her.  In a more-than-salient coincidence, both women describe their encounters with Clinton as being rough and involving him biting their lip.  Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey have both alleged that Clinton sexually harassed them.  While I understand that Clinton has said all four women are lying (sound familiar?), his admitted track record with Lewinsky and Flowers does lend some credence to their claims.

At a minimum, what you have in Clinton is a man who has admitted to cheating on his wife at least twice, publicly treating both paramours like garbage to save his political career, and dragging behind him a trainload of additional allegations of affairs, abuse, and even rape.

I guess if anyone would know about a war on women . . .

2.         Anti-corporation moonbats in full bloom.

Many of you may have seen this (h/t to my Dad for turning me on to the story).  Peter Schiff infiltrated the convention posing as an uber-Left reporter asking delegates whether they would support a federal ban on corporate profits.  And delegate after delegate enthusiastically endorsed that idea outright, or at least federally-mandated caps on corporate profits (and before you dismiss it as nonsense, realize that they’ve already done this with the insurance industry under Obamacare, which requires insurance companies to pay out revenues above a certain profit limit as additional benefits).  One delegate was skeptical, but when asked if she would support it if Obama wanted it, she responded that she would support “anything” Obama wants.


It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely mindless some of these people are.

I’ll bet you a million dollars every single one of them was, at that very moment, in possession of at least two of the following:

  1. A pack of cigarettes manufactured and sold by RJ Reynolds or US Tobacco;
  2. A credit card issued by American Express, Visa, or a major US Bank;
  3. Keys to a motor vehicle manufactured by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, or Honda;
  4. Prescription medication manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche, or another large US pharmaceutical company;
  5. Clothing purchased at the Gap, Kohl’s, or some other giant US retailer.

I’ll bet you another million it never dawned on them that they were holding their convention in a venue built by Hunt Construction Group and R.J. Leeper Co., and to which Time Warner Cable Inc. paid millions of dollars to have its name attached.

Or that they got to Charlotte in an airplane operated by United Airlines Inc., American Airlines Inc., Southwest Airlines, Inc., JetBlue Inc., etc.  An airplane likely built by the Boeing Corporation (by union employees, incidentally) using aluminum produced by Alcoa, Inc.  Or that that airplane was powered by jet fuel produced and sold by ExxonMobil Corporation, or Chevron U.S.A. Inc., or ConocoPhillips Inc., etc.

Or that they were eating meals almost certainly catered by Aramark Corporation.

Or that their alcohol almost surely came from Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V., MillerCoors LLC (owned by SAB plc and Molson Coors Brewing Company), or one of the big liquor houses like Diageo plc.  Corporations, all.

I’ll bet you more than half of them are employed by a for-profit corporation.  And they have a 401(k) plan stocked with investments in . . . corporations.  Investments that depend on those corporations making . . . a profit.  There’s a decent chance that some of them hold a profit-sharing interest of some sort in their employer corporation.

Just where, exactly, do these people think everything in their daily existence comes from?  Certainly not from God, given their lusty booing of the amendments to their platform.  Does it all come from Obama, who I guess just pulls it out of his ass—er—stash?

And the terrifying thing is these people can vote, maybe more than once.


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